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Less Mess! Less Time!


You may not know that I grew up on a small farm in Welch, West Virginia. We didn't have much… but one thing that was always around was fresh, great tasting quality meats.

We raised our own animals and used seasonings and real hickory smoke to cure bacon and sausage … those recipes were passed down from generation to generation.

I love those memories and miss that satisfying and savory flavor…
so I decided to create my own line of smoked meats.

Not just for my family… for yours too! You will start to see my first product, EasyBacon® by Harvey Foods on store shelves in Atlanta in 2015 and nationwide in 2016!

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

A special note from Steve Harvey, founder of Harvey Foods.


I love to cook… but I am not about cleaning up a mess. When I cook the food has to be real … amazing flavor, but easy to prepare and not take up too much time.

EasyBacon® by Harvey Foods fits that bill because, well…

It’s easy! Big, thick slices of hickory smoked bacon that fries up from skillet to plate in under 2 minutes, 80% less grease than raw… And no ‘feud’ over who is cleaning up!

What’s not to love, right?

Steve Harvey Signature

Powerful advantages

Thick Hearty Slices of Real Roasted Bacon
So easy it’s ready from skillet to plate in under 2 minutes! I promise!
Hardwood Smoked and Slow Roasted to remove the grease!
Less grease means… less mess and less time to clean!
Heat it, place it, flip it, serve it!
Bacon that’s ready before your toast pops!
Easy Bacon by Harvey Foods lives up to its name… Bacon just got easy!


A Message from Steve

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